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Portable Projector Screen Full HD 1080 4K UHD 3d HD Ready

Portable Projector Screen Full HD 1080 4K UHD 3d HD Ready

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This is a frameless projection screen with stickers, which is easy to install on the wall or take down. It diffuses projected light uniformly, and you will experience a perfect visual enjoyment with optimal image and colour reproduction.

It can be folded easily for transportation, and won't take much space, convenient to take with you where you go. It is universally compatible with the majority of LED, LCD, or DLP projectors on the market. Made of polyester material, easy to clean, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-fading in long time use, no odour.

Best viewing angle +-10 degrees


Material: Polyester and optical coating

Screen format: 16:9

Main Colour: Grey

Diagonal Length: 60-inch, 70-inch, 80-inch, 100-inch, 120inch


Screen Size: 132*75cm/51.96*29.52in

Screen Weight: 156g/5.50oz


Screen Size: 155*87cm/61.02*34.25in

Screen Weight: 212g/7.47oz


Screen Size: 177*100cm/69.68*39.37in

Screen Weight: 280g/9.87oz


Screen Size: 221*124cm/87.00*48.81in

Screen Weight: 430g/15.16oz


Screen Size: 265*150cm/104.33*59.05in

Screen Weight: 635g/22.39in

Package List:

1 * Projection Screen

1 * Bag of Stickers

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